Google Cloud joins Polygon as a technology partner to provide scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure for Polygon developers

This partnership will enable Polygon to offer a fully managed blockchain service on Google Cloud, making it easier for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications

Google Cloud will also support Polygon's scalability and interoperability solutions, such as Polygon SDK, Polygon Bridge, and Polygon PoS

Polygon will benefit from Google Cloud's global network, security, and innovation capabilities, as well as its expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence

Google Cloud's involvement will boost Polygon's credibility and visibility in the blockchain space, attracting more users and developers to its platform

Google Cloud's massive user base and reach will also expose Polygon to new markets and opportunities, potentially increasing the demand and adoption of its native token, MATIC

Google Cloud's endorsement of Polygon will signal its confidence and support for the future of decentralized web, creating a positive sentiment and outlook for the blockchain industry