Discover how to use the NovelAI image generator to bring your narratives to life! NovelAI facilitates story crafting with its versatile AI assistance. One remarkable feature is the image generator, enabling the visualization of scenes and characters through various AI models. You can even utilize Anime Art AI to craft anime-inspired visuals from text or explore other models for different art styles. Let the generated images fuel your writing inspiration.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use Novel AI image generator:

  • 1. Visit the NovelAI image generator website.
  • 2. Select: write a text prompt, upload a photo, or do both.
  • 3. Fine-tune settings like model choice, resolution, and quantity.
  • 4. Hit ‘Generate’ to kickstart the process, with a progress bar to track time.
  • 5. Once ready, explore the array of generated images on display.
  • 6. Choose and refine images using the ‘Edit Image’ function.
  • 7. Create additional variations through the ‘Generate Varieties’ option.
  • 8. Utilize the ‘Enhance’ button for superior image quality.
  • 9. Save creations to your device or NovelAI account effortlessly.
  • 10. Share your masterpieces easily with the ‘Share’ button.

Harness the NovelAI image generator for a vibrant storytelling experience!

Benefits of NovelAI image generator

NovelAI stands as a remarkable tool that grants individuals the ability to craft and fine-tune images and artwork through AI technology. Here are several perks of employing the NovelAI image generator:

Efficiency and Ease: Quickly fashion breathtaking visuals without the necessity of having artistic flair or a wealth of knowledge.

Unique Creations: The service generates one-of-a-kind images from the ground up, presenting you with distinctive and ultra-realistic representations.

Personalized Adjustments: Take your pick from a plethora of templates and configurations, utilizing tags to specify the aesthetic attributes of your figures or layouts.

Nurtures Artistic Exploration: NovelAI serves as a canvas to illustrate narratives, construct your personalized characters, or delve into various genres and artistic expressions.

It supports creativity: You can use NovelAI to illustrate your stories, create your own characters, or explore different genres and styles.

Pricing plan of NovelAI image generator

Based on recent internet findings, NovelAI is a platform that facilitates the crafting and modification of innovative images and artwork through the aid of artificial intelligence. NovelAI provides three distinct subscription packages to cater to various preferences, financial plans, and usage requirements:

Tablet Plan: At $10 per month, users receive 1000 Anlas, a form of virtual tokens that can be utilized to create images using the Anime Art AI model.

Scroll Plan: For $15 monthly, subscribers not only get 1000 Anlas but also the privilege to access additional AI models, including DALL·E, Whisper, and GPT-4.

Opus Plan: Priced at $25 a month, this subscription offers an impressive allocation of 10,000 Anlas along with unrestricted access to an array of AI models and functionalities, encompassing Image Generation, the Text Adventure Module, the Theme Editor, and various AI Modules.

Anlas: represent the virtual currency within the NovelAI ecosystem and can either be bought separately or accrued through active participation in the community. A single Anla holds the value equivalent to one request for image generation or a minute’s worth of audio transcription or translation services. For an in-depth understanding of Novel AI and its diverse offerings, feel free to explore their official website.

Comparison of NovelAI image generator with other image generators

NovelAI stands as a robust platform empowering users to fabricate and refine innovative visuals and art pieces with the assistance of AI technology. This is not alone in the market; other contenders like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion also offer similar text-prompt-based image generation services. Let’s delve into a concise analysis of NovelAI against these counterparts:


At the core of NovelAI lies an extensive suite of AI modules and functionalities including, but not limited to, Anime Art, DALL·E, Whisper, and GPT-4. This service operates on a distinctive currency mechanism named Anlas, permitting the creation of images or the acquisition of extra features. The platform’s pricing strategy is designed to accommodate varying user requirements, financial allocations, and usage patterns.


On the other hand, DALL-E, an innovation by OpenAI, specializes in generating a wide range of vivid and true-to-life images through text cues. Currently, it’s navigating its beta phase and hasn’t opened its gates to the public yet. However, enthusiasts can secure an early bird position via the OpenAI portal. While its pricing structure remains undisclosed, it is speculated to align with the pricing strategies of other OpenAI inventions like GPT-3.


Venturing into the realm of Midjourney, users encounter an AI image generator proficient in crafting artistic and high-grade images from text instructions. Its user-friendly interface facilitates easy manipulation of image attributes such as dimensions, aesthetics, and clarity. Midjourney extends both a complimentary package permitting the generation of a limited number of images daily, and a premium tier priced at $30 monthly that offers unrestricted image creation alongside private storage space.

Stable Diffusion Generator

Lastly, the Stable Diffusion generator is recognized for its ability to conjure both realistic and abstract imagery based on text cues. This platform utilizes an innovative diffusion model technique to progressively fabricate images. Moreover, it invites users to exploit its services free of charge without the necessity for account creation or sign-in.

Each of these AI image generators exhibits individual strengths and limitations, potentially influencing user preferences and choices based on their distinct needs and objectives. To get a hands-on experience and make an informed decision, consider trying each of these services by visiting their respective websites or following the links provided in online search results.


Can NovelAI generate realistic images?

NovelAI can generate realistic images, but not as realistic as photographs. This is because NovelAI uses AI models that are trained on anime style images, which have different features and proportions than real human faces and bodies. However, NovelAI also offers other AI models, such as DALL·E, Whisper, and GPT-4, that can produce diverse and creative images from text prompts.

To generate realistic images with NovelAI, you can try the following tips:

  1. Use the tag photorealistic with multiple brackets, such as `[[[[[photorealistic]]]]]`, to increase the realism of the image.
  1. Use the tags lips and nose, because anime characters often lack these features.
  1. Use the tag base stable diffusion, which is a technique that can generate images in a progressive manner and produce photorealistic and abstract images.
  1. Use the tag dreamlike photoreal, which is a model that is trained to create dreamlike and realistic images.
  1. Put the tag anime in the excluded tags section, to reduce the anime influence on the image.
  1. Adjust the scale and sampling settings to find the optimal balance between detail and noise.

You can also check out some examples of realistic images generated by NovelAI users on their subreddit.

Can I use NovelAI for logo design?

Yes, You can use NovelAI for logo design, but you should be aware of some limitations and challenges.

NovelAI does not have a specific AI model or feature for logo design. You will have to use the existing AI models, such as Anime Art, DALL·E, Whisper, or GPT-4, and provide text prompts that describe the logo you want to create. However, these AI models are not trained or optimized for logo design, and they may not produce the desired results. You may have to experiment with different text prompts, tags, settings, and edits to get a satisfactory logo.

NovelAI does not guarantee the originality or quality of the images generated by its AI models. The images may be similar or identical to existing logos or artworks, or they may be low-quality or inappropriate. You will have to check the images for any potential issues before using them for your logo design. You will also have to ensure that you have the legal right to use the images and that you do not infringe any trademark rights or other intellectual property rights.

NovelAI has a currency system called Anlas, which are tokens that can be used to generate images with the AI models. Each image generation request costs one Anla, and you can purchase Anlas separately or earn them by contributing to the community. NovelAI also has three pricing plans based on individual needs, budget, and usage. You will have to consider these factors when using NovelAI for logo design.

Is NovelAI image generator free?

No, NovelAI image generator is not free. It is a paid service that requires a subscription to use. Novel AI offers three pricing plans based on individual needs, budget, and usage1

Can NovelAI be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, according to the NovelAI terms of service, you can use NovelAI for commercial purposes as long as you comply with their terms and conditions.



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